Saki Morimi

Series: Eden of the East

Variation: Movie Dress

I used a very light and soft cotton fabric for the dress. The top of the dress is pretty much a rectangle. The bottom section is a two-tiered circle skirt.

I was pretty excited about how this jacket came out. It was my first time making something lined (though I never got around to lining the sleeves...). All of the pockets on it are functional and when the jacket is zipped up, the zipper can be covered up by a panel that snaps over it.

I also made the purse! It has a zipper on top and an inner pocket as well as a pocket on the outside. I used these adorable heart-shaped buttons that matched the color of the fabric on the outer pocket. And for a bit of fun, I lined the inside of the purse with zebra print fabric!

Photos by Soulfire Photography, 2010. Also featuring Gwiffen as Akira Takizawa.

Made in: 2010