Rin Kagamine

Series: Vocaloid

Variation: Magnet

I drafted a pattern for the bodice. It was my first time working with princess seams, so I made a mockup so I could make changes to it before using the actual fabric. The bodice is lined with the same fabric.

The skirt is about 4 yards of hand-gathered duchess satin. I used upholstery thread for the basting stitch to gather the fabric along since I needed it to not break as I was gathering it. The fabric was too heavy to gather with regular thread!

The sash was attached to the bodice before attaching the skirt.

Also featuring Inabari as Len Kagamine. She made the headphones for both of us from Sculpey clay. They clip onto the wig and the battery pack for the EL wire clips to the inside of the wig at the base of the neck.

Photos by Orobouros, 2010 and Soulfire Photography, 2011.

Made in: 2010