Oerba Dia Vanille

Series: Final Fantasy XIII

Awards: Honorable Mention, Animazement 2010; 1st Place Novice, Otakon 2010

This was my first big costume project and I am still super proud of the results. I made the first version in 2009 and remade a lot of it for the final version in 2010.

The necklaces are craft foam over a wire base. The details on the top two are painted leather cord and the bottom is wrapped with bands of thread. The white bracelets were modified from silicone bracelets. I added snaps to them so they would fit close to my tiny wrists. I learned that glue does not stick to silicone, so I had to sew the snaps on to the bands.

Both the skirt and shirt were hand dyed and draped. The skirt is gradient dyed yellow and orange. I added a slight amount of brown to the pink dye so it wouldn't be as bright. The top has loops of clear fishing line that snap in place along the bottom edge to keep the beads around the waist parallel to the shirt.

The fur skirt (or butt cape) is a partial circle skirt to recreate the waves Vanille has in hers. It was sharpie dyed to add a bit of red to the color.

The belt was modified from a woven straw belt. I added suede belt loops and Wonderflex squares for the metal pieces. The centerpiece is made from craft foam with a turquoise gem. The pouch is made from suede with white bias tape for the binding. It's functional too!

I was very happy with the beads I found. They were a bit small, so I doubled them up between the black beads, but the colors were perfect. ought from The larger beads are all hand painted and the ones that are irregular shapes are handmade from clay. All of the strands of beads are interconnected. The center strand has necklace clasps to attach to the piece that holds the strands that hang around the hips. Those are on a clear line that is hidden under the pink sash. The leather cords around the neck hook on to the back plate with a hook and eye. The back plate is made from craft foam with a clay gem and the beads are sandwiched between two of the layers of foam.

I added the fur cuffs to a pair of tan suede boots. The fur is dyed slightly with yellow to reduce the brightness of it and make it look more realistic.

Photos by Soulfire Photography, 2010.

See this costume in action in this video from Otakon 2010! (Shown at 3:25)

Made in: 2010