Catherine Bloom

Series: Gundam Wing

I remember when I first watched Gundam Wing, that I disliked most of the female characters, but Catherine was my favorite and I always liked her circus outfit. The dress is all one piece--the skirt is pleated satin trimmed at the top with gold satin. The top is pink and red knit with red velvet straps and the same gold satin at the cuffs. The wig was originally completely straight. I put it into small curlers and poured hot water over them, then let them dry overnight before removing the curlers.

Photos by LJinto, Yenra, PhotosNXS, and Mindfall Media, 2011. Also featuring Anason as Heero Yuy, Fushicho Cosplay as Lucrezia Noin, and Soulfire Photography as Sally Po.

Made in: 2011