Variation: Bluefly Yukata

Series: Final Fantasy XIV

This was a really fun costume to make. Kimonos are very simple to pattern and sew since they are made up almost entirely of rectangles, so I got to put most of my attention into creating the butterfly designs.

I started with the largest butterfly and worked down to the smallest so I could get the proportions right between them. I then traced all of the patterns on to the Heat n Bond before ironing it to the fabric. After cutting out and matching up all the butterflies with their different pieces, I started pressing them on to the kimono. Once all of the butterflies were attached, I added the dotted lines.

The obi is lined with canvas for stability and snaps closed in the back behind the bow.

Made for Naiiki.

Photos by Lightshaper, Rensuchan Photography, and Morning Addict Photography, 2015.

Made in: 2015