Variation: Genderbend

Series: Final Fantasy X

This costume is still a work in progress.

My favorite part of this costume is the obi. The under-layer of it is made with diagonal stripes of two different green fabrics. It is lined with canvas and boned for stability. It laces up in the back. The top piece is made with a gauze-like fabric that I gathered along three lines of stitching and trimmed with a purple satin. It is also lined with the same canvas for stability since the main fabrics are very light. The top piece buckles in the front.

The coat is made from a red crepe satin with navy blue sateen for the collar and front trim. I used white piping for the detailing and made belts out of vinyl for the sleeves.

The cowl is made from a medium-weight grey fabric with more of the same vinyl belts. In the future we will be adding the undershirt, pauldron, and other accessories!

Made for Soulfire Photography. Based on artwork by J.

Photos by Photosnxs, Mezame Photography, and Washu Otaku Photography, Ichibancon 2015. Also featuring me as Tidus and DontTouchMyMilk Cosplay as Kimahri.

See this costume in action in this video from Ichibancon 2015! (Shown at 0:30)

Made in: 2015