Variation: Genderbend

Series: Final Fantasy X

This costume is still a work in progress.

This was my first attempt at making a corset for anyone other than myself. I used a purple shantung for the outer shell and it is lined with canvas and cotton with spiral steel boning and flat steel stays. The tail attaches to the bottom of the corset with snaps and the loincloth piece attaches to the front. The panties are a brown knit trimmed with gold fold-over elastic.

The loincloth is the highlight of this costume for me. I used a teal suiting fabric for the base with different colored satins for the designs. They are all satin stitched on.

All of the armor pieces are made with wonderflex and trimmed with craft foam. The bracers have elastic bands that go around the wrist and arm. The leg pieces snap on to the socks and also have an elastic band to keep it from moving around.

The socks loop underneath the shoe to give the illusion that the shoe is part of the foot. The fishnets are tacked in place along the edges of the socks.

Made for DontTouchMyMilk Cosplay. Wig, tail, and makeup done by her. Spear made by Photosnxs. Based on artwork by J.

Photos by Photosnxs, Washu Otaku Photography, and Mezame Photography, Ichibancon 2015. Also featuring me as Tidus and Soulfire Photography as Auron.

See this costume in action in this video from Ichibancon 2015! (Shown at 0:30)

Made in: 2015