Vanille andrea

Oerba Dia Vanille

Series: Final Fantasy XIII

Since I had previously made this costume for myself, it made it a bit simpler to tackle it again as a commission. I used different beads than I did for my own to save on the cost and they still look great! All of the colored beads had to be painted, but I was able to find spray paint to use for most of them. The large beads were sculpted with air-dry clay and painted.

All of the beads connect together to make it easier to wear, but disconnect so they won't get too tangled in storage. The bottom of the main column has jewelry clasps that hook onto the fishing line with the hanging strands. The back plate hooks onto the neck straps with a hook and eye.

The fur skirt (or butt cape, as I like to call it) is cut as 2/3 of a circle to give it more motion and drape. There is a faux-suede panel at the top which attaches to the waist strap. The skirt has a large waistband with an asymmetrically cut piece at the bottom which is gathered into the waistband. Both the skirt and loincloth piece are gradient dyed from orange to yellow. I loaned her the necklaces from my costume. They are wire, wrapped with craft foam. The top two have painted leather cord wrapping them and the bottom one is made with wrapped thread.

Made for Larina. All other costume pieces were made by her.

Photos by Elemental Photography, 2011.

Made in: 2011