Sally Po

Series: Gundam Wing

My first commission! Since it was my first time really sewing for anyone other than myself, I did run into some mishaps with the fitting, but it worked out ok in the end.

The jacket is made with navy blue and olive green twill with white piping. I ended up hand sewing the piping to the shape for the sleeve since I thought it would be a little easier than trying to deal with that shape on the sewing machine. The zipper pockets on the chest are decorative.

I also styled the wig. I parted the wig into two pigtails and twisted them into shape, and hair sprayed them.

Made for Soulfire Photography. She made the patches for the jacket out of craft foam.

Photos by Photosnxs, Animazement 2011. Also featuring me as Catherine Bloom, Fushicho Cosplay as Lucrezia Noin, and Anason as Heero Yuy.

Made in: 2011